In this section we lay out the documentation for those who can not buy a ready installation for various reasons, but still wants to use it and is ready to make its own. Part of the documentation we have put out for free as well for documentation, which can be used for mass production, we will ask for a small charge. Documentation in this section will appear as its manufacturing and unification.

Payment is accepted via WebMoney. If you do not have a purse WebMoney, you can purchase a card WebMoney or e-voucher, and they pay.

For normal work with the system WebMoney you need to download and install the corresponding root certificate. In the dialog «File downloads» select «Open this file from its current location». Click «Install Certificate». Run a «Certificate Import Wizard». Sequentially press the button «Next>». By choosing the parameters displayed by default, the wizard, you import the root certificate into your computer system.

If you can not pay in WebMoney, please contact us, see Feedback, and we will discuss other ways of payment.

Documentation of the small installation for the production of the biofertilizers

This documentation is distributed free of charge. You just need to register. The notification will come E-Mail message with a link for downloading.
Attention! Many free email services perceive response PHP-robot as spam, and you can not see a reply email with a link for downloading. In particular, this property has a popular service MAIL.RU. Therefore, specify the normal email address. If you do not get the link for the download, then please contact us in the Feedback, and we will manually send you a link to download.

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Although the documentation and it’s free, but we still will very grateful if you can financially support our research. In addition, this support makes you a privileged user, all your questions, requests and suggestions will be covered on a mandatory basis in the first place. You can pay any amount in WMZ (USD analog electronic system WebMoney).

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